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Marui Bunta 1/10 - literatrix [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Marui Bunta 1/10 [May. 9th, 2007|05:50 pm]


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Title: Being Bunta
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Rating: G
Word count: 462
Prompt: Word # 7 - flibbertigibbet: a silly, flighty, or excessively talkative person

Marui Bunta is six when he is taken to a testing facility to have his intelligence quotient quantified. All parents think their children are geniuses; Bunta just happens to be the real thing. He skips ahead of his class in the book, his teachers like him but complain of distraction due to his fidgeting and his gum-chewing. He is popular in his class, everyone likes him, but he flits through the little cliques his peers have formed even in pre-school.

When he is eight, his father enrolls him in tennis lessons, thinking that this will work off some of his son's excess energy and leave him quieter; more composed. This is not the case as Bunta comes home hopped up on the energy drinks his teacher tells him to guzzle to keep up his electrolyte count. But tennis becomes something solid for him, something he can count on throughout the boring days of school and the monotony of home life.

On the first day of junior high he bumps into Yanagi, and he cheerfully talks the boy's ear off as they walk to their homeroom. Yanagi looks at Bunta, his chattering mouth and his gum and his infectious happiness, and he decides that he likes Bunta, even though the boy seems a bit silly and is probably slow in class.

Yanagi is painfully humbled in geometry, which, to his surprise, he shares with Bunta, who is called to the front to explain a complex theorem within the first fifteen minutes of the lesson, due to his inattention. Bunta skips to the front, pops his gum, and outlines the proof on the blackboard. The teacher grudgingly gives his approval, and afterwards Yanagi's guard is up when it comes to Bunta.

It is in second year when Bunta explains to Yanagi why he acts the way he does. He explains about being six and answering tests involving spatial relations and sequential shapes, about how the test results come back and proclaim him a genius. He tells about how teachers are informed; how they look at him differently right away, how classmates are only too willing to take the back seat and hand him control of the class. How expectations rise and the words living up to your true potential become a curse.

How people see your IQ points and think you're a genius, when mostly you're just a kid.

"So you're doing this," Yanagi says, the cogs in his mind whirring. "To be just like everyone else?"

Bunta pops his gum and shoots Yanagi a cross-eyed look, grinning. He hops off the bench and stretches.

"I dunno, Yanagi-kun, you're smart. Why don't you figure it out?"

And Bunta giggles and runs across the courts, looking just like your normal junior-high kid teasing his friend.

[User Picture]From: blufox_o7
2007-05-09 09:24 pm (UTC)
Aww. I love it so much. And it totally makes sense. Expectations are shitty. *hugs Bunta*
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